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The term Pointing Labrador (or Pointing Lab) has been used to describe Labrador Retrievers that have a natural ability, or instinct, to point game.

Researchers are currently conducting investigations to determine whether there are genetic markers, or genes that cause dogs to inherit an ability to point. Regardless of whether this scientific research draws an eventual conclusion breeders will continue to select dogs who have shown excellent field skills in pointing to serve as their breeding stock.

Pointing Labs are used for Upland Game hunting for birds such as quail, chukar, pheasants and doves. Like other pointing breeds, Pointing Labs hold their position when birds are located using their excellent sense of smell and keen eyesight. Given the proper command they will also flush their quarry allowing the hunter to down the game at which time the lab will retrieve and deliver to hand.

A selection of a Pointing Labrador enhances the flexibility of the hunter with a trusted partner who is as comfortable in the dry terrains of upland game territories as they are in the wet ponds and swamps of waterfowl territories.

For more information please contact the American Pointing Lab Association.


High River Labs dogs on a successful Quail Hunt
December, 2010


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